We deliver the following to get your reuse system off to a flying start or supplement an existing scheme.

You will find this very useful for focusing everyone on getting the system started and making it as automatic as possible in the quickest period of time.

Admin training

Time take: 1.5 hrs

We train up the person who will be the main lead on the system (and other colleagues if required). This is strategy and roll out meeting where we give advice about rolling the system out, whilst maximising the time of the lead. We highlight and explain the best activities to undertake to roll the system out in the easiest way possible with least effort and maximum impact.

Implementation and buy in session

Time taken 1.5 hrs strategy session. 1 hr computer suite session.

The objective of this meeting is to explain the benefits of a strategic reuse system to the stakeholders within the organisation who have a direct interest or benefit from reuse.
These stakeholders will include procurement, the largest purchasers, asset manager, space manager, facilities, waste, sustainability, finance, as well as those who are involved with building decommissioning.
We give an overview of reuse and the general benefits. We then highlight the benefits to each of the above stakeholders. The group will learn how a strategic reuse system will help them save the time and money at work.
The objective to this meeting would be to give enough evidence to get ongoing support and participation in the reuse system in their organisation. This will give a good foundation to rolling out or improving uptake on the reuse system and speed up adoption across the estate.
Warp It training for the implementation team is then carried out in a computer suite and we take the main stakeholders through a demo of the system and get them signed up, adding and trading surplus assets.

Customers find these support days help staff immensely and speed the adoption of the system. We have set the system up in 100s of different organisations and have seen most, if not all of the issues that might crop up and already worked out the short cut to success!

Training is a fixed daily cost. Find out about the training agenda and more details Click here