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Savings Warp It has made for clients so far

C02 (kg) saved

CO2 (kg) saved


Staff Time Saved

Staff Time Saved (days)


Waste (kg) diverted

Waste (kg) diverted


Donations to charity

Donations to charity


Total Money Saved

Total Money


Our Current Customer Happiness Rating is 8.8/10

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Very good service. A good money saver to use items up from other offices that would otherwise be scrapped.

Vaughan Munro, HMRC

Fab idea for saving money!

Anon, Manchester NHS

Fantastic site!

Anon, James Cook University

Total Savings

PlaceOrganisationTotal Savings
1st Place Sunderland City Council £507,749
2nd Place City of Edinburgh Council £408,447
3rd Place NHS Glasgow Decommissioning £396,945
4 University of Glasgow £374,884
5 University College London £356,427
6 Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust £295,043
7 The University of Edinburgh £272,187
8 University of Nottingham £224,812
9 University of Kent £215,014
10 Glasgow City Council £202,645

Donated To Charity

PlaceOrganisationDonated To Charity
1st Place City of Edinburgh Council £245,667
2nd Place The University of Edinburgh £226,462
3rd Place Brighton & Hove City Council £103,347
4 Henley Business School £90,968
5 University of Glasgow £88,927
6 University of Sunderland £62,011
7 North Ayrshire Council £55,512
8 Teesside University £49,256
9 University of Lincoln £45,266
10 Dundee City Council £42,783

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League Results

Save money.

Reduce your waste disposal and purchasing costs. No need to purchase new equipment and resources for your organisation. Find a new owner for your surplus kit in your organisation or beyond.

Save time on clearances.

Manage your building clearance in a timely and efficient manner. Only got 5 days to empty a whole building? New owners can be found even before the clearance starts – so that reuse is maximised and delays reduced.

Save space.

Expensive space is being taken up by unused resources that could be used elsewhere. Give or loan resources to others to bring the unused into use and liberate space!

Happy Clients

If Northumberland can achieve over £60,000 of savings in such a short period of time, other Councils with traditionally higher spend could achieve much more.
Lee Jackson, Commercial and Procurement Services Manager, Northumberland County Council
Exceptional software which will revolutionise the way we consume and reuse resources.
Chantal Beaudoin, Head of Sustainability, Grant MacEwan University

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