100% Building Clearance

If you have a building clearance, decant, refurbishment or decommissioning project coming up - we can come in catalogue and add the assets to your Warp It system. If required, we can also then manage the redistribution of the surplus assets internally (if appropriate) and then externally on your behalf.

We clear 100% of surplus items with reuse maximised and zero to landfill.

Catalogue your assets

If maximising reuse as part of building moves it is important we can integrate with the time schedule in office moves without affecting any deadlines- so the earlier we know about it, the more chance we can maximise reuse internally or externally.

catalogue your assets

Redistribute internally and externally

If required, we can manage the transport of assets internally and the handover of assets externally- to 3rd parties. Anything left over is taken to storage where it is redistributed to charities, schools and the 3rd sector.

catalogue your assets

All of the assets are reused and redistributed through the Warp It system so that you can track all the relevant metrics. We clear 100% of items within a building, internally and then externally via your Warp It system, with reuse maximised and zero landfill.

catalogue your assets

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