Logging in & Password Retrieval - For Admins

standard user password reset guide HERE

Logging in

The admin always logs in using the USERNAME, which is also the name of the organisation’s portal (ie www.warp-it.co.uk/NCL or www.warp-it.co.uk/UCL) . The admin does not log in with an email address.

Password retrieval

The admin is the individual who signed up the organisation to Warp It. The admin is responsible for setting the network up and adding staff members.

If the admin password is lost:

  • Go to the log in page
  • Click forgotten password

  • Add in the specified USERNAME (not email address)

  • A password reset will be sent to the individual specified in the account settings.
  • Click the personal unique link in the password email - this will take you to the log in. Note the Username reminder.

  • Add in the new password and click "Change Password"

If you have forgotten your admin username

The individual specified in the sign up process is sent a Welcome Email from info@. This details the Username. Search your email inbox/history/files for
“info@ welcome username”
and you will locate the original email.

If the welcome email has been deleted please email info@.