Rules for using Warp It

The Warp-it Guide on the Sustainability Services website contains the definitive site rules.  In general:

· This site is for use by University members of staff only.

· The site is for advertising University items only, not personal belongings. 

· Chemicals, electrical equipment and other hazardous items should not be advertised on the site. Contact for assistance if you have anything you believe is unsuitable.

· Items advertised on the site should be in working order, even if unwanted by the advertiser.

· Sale of items is prohibited.  To sell an item, please contact Procurement.

· Items should be claimed for University business use only, not for personal use at home or elsewhere. The exception to this is during occasional 'clearance' sessions arranged by the Admin, which will be clearly publicised on the Sustainability Services webpage. 

· You may claim items without offering anything else for re-use; and there is no obligation to accept anything as a "swap".

· It is the claimant's responsibility to check that the item is suitable for their use - they should check any relevant aspects of the item (e.g. colour, size) before claiming.  Viewing items is advisable.

· The claimant of the item must arrange and cover the cost of collection/delivery. 

· If the claimant no longer wants an item after receiving it, it is their responsibility to either re-list the item themselves, or send it for disposal via the Porters (charges applicable).  The item cannot be sent back to the original department once received by the claimant.

· The providers of Warp-it have their own set of Terms and Conditions, which you are advised to familiarise yourself with.


What our customers are saying

Great service! 

Helps the Health Board to save money and reuse items which someone else needs.

Amanda Brace, Hywel Dda University Health Board

It is amazing to have a service which is good for budgets and good for the planet!

Anon, North Bristol NHS Trust

Good up-to-date information about new items. Fast delivery of good quality furniture. Avoiding waste.

Anon, Newcastle University