Training Template Email to staff

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Dear xxx

[Organisation name] are implementing a new equipment/furniture/resource reuse and management system called Warp It

Warp It makes it very easy for staff to loan or give surplus items to individuals inside [Organisation name] in the first instance. If items are not required within [Organisation name] they can be passed onto partner organisations or stored.

Warp It stops staff buying “stuff” that other staff already have surplus. It also makes it easy for staff who are disposing- to find new owners: This is having significant costs and reducing environmental impact in other organisations across London.

How does Warp It work?

The web application works by linking together individuals (contributors) who want to loan/give/share resources , with individuals (recipients) in the same or different organisations who require the resource to reuse as part of their operations/activities or service.

Learn how to add an item here

Learn how to claim an item here

Training workshop

We are delivering training workshops on XXXX. Please reply to XXX to book your place.

[There will be free chocolate!]*

Yours sincerely

[Key contact]