Incentivising transactions

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Please see email content below where Newcastle University are offering chocolate as spot incentive prizes

Dear All,

We have recently introduced Warp It, a resource redistribution network that enables us to give away or loan resources internally as well as externally with partner organisations.

Warp It is an eBay/Amazon/Freecycle style online marketplace that will make redistributing resources more convenient and easier to manage.

If items are not required internally after a period of time they are passed onto our partner councils, hospitals, charities and schools automatically.

What kind of resource can be uploaded to Warp It?

A resource can be anything from reusable furniture, stationery items, electrical equipments and lab kit, even pot plants! As long as it was purchased for University use, it can be exchanged on Warp It. This system is not to be used for items from home. For the time being items which are legally controlled such as surplus chemicals cannot be transferred.

How do I register?

Visit and hit the big green register button.

Where can I find out more?

Warp It is very easy to use and you can get started straight away uploading and claiming items, however if you would like some further guidance we are holding a training session on XXX that is open for anyone to attend. Please register by XXXX

***Prize Giveaway***

As an introductory offer, we are giving away a small prize of Fairtrade chocolate for the 1st, 5th and 10th items traded on Warp It (for both the person that uploads and the person that claims). If you have an item/s that is taking up space that you do not need, put it on Warp It. Or if you are looking for an item, check Warp It before buying something new!

Why Warp It?

Using this system ensures that the University;

  1. Diverts waste from landfill- saving money and the environment

  2. Saves money on purchasing new products

  3. Reduces CO2 emissions associated with manufacture and transport of new products

Best Wishes