1 to 1 training for uploading resources

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Offer one to one training for potential users who have lots of surplus resources to upload. The training is delivered by someone in the Warp It stakeholder team- however it could be done by any other Warp It user, environmental co ordinator etc.

The trainer asks them to register on their own previously.

They arrange a meeting time and date.

  1. The trainer shows then upload an item.

  2. The trainer then observes the new user uploading the item and help guide them.

  3. The trainer then lets the new user upload an item on their own.

If everything is OK – they then leave them to it.

Email content

Morning all

Further to Hannah’s email (below). In addition to the training next week I will also be giving 1 to 1 support to assist the integration of the new system.

If you have any surplus resources in or around your office or cluttering up valuable space- let me know. I will come over to your office and show you how to upload the item/s on to the new system so that other staff can access it.

It is super easy and will only take 10-15 mins (depending on diversity of items).

So if you would like some assistance reply to this email and we can get something in the diary.