Dear Schools

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The Council have recently signed up to a resource sharing system which provides a facility for staff to claim or giveaway or loan out surplus resources.

This system allows you to give away or claim resources off other schools and organisations across the area and nationally. You can also loan and borrow equipment and other resources.

Main benefits:

Share resources with other schools by borrowing or loaning out. All schools have items they only use once in a while. When the item is not in use it can be loaned to other schools. So you can either contribute of claim resources from the other schools. In the long run this saves all members of the network.

Claim or give surplus resources from/to other schools. This saves purchasing or waste disposal charges. Remember the waste disposal charge is the cost of a skip and the man power cost of filling it.

Claim resources and kit of large organisations in the area such as the Council and Universities.

Liberate space- all that equipment that you can now share will liberate a great deal of space.

Collaborate with colleagues in other schools like never before.

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